Daisy's Cottage Core Birthday Picnic Celebration

There are a few moments when as a photographer things feel like they come around full circle! Meeting Olivia and Jessy at the steps of the Supreme Court in Ottawa to start their engagement session in 2021 and then dancing the night away with them for their wedding in 2022 - it feel unbelievably surreal to now photograph their picnic celebration for Daisy's first birthday! Let me tell you when Olivia told me her plan for a weekend of festivities that she wanted to cap off with a intimate session at their new cottage to bring it all to a close I was so excited! In the heart of the idyllic Norway Bay along the Ottawa River, became the whimsical setting for a charming cottage core picnic celebration. Late summer sun gave us a beautiful warm golden glow, the sun filtering through the tall looming trees, casting a magical aura over the gathering.

The centrepiece of the celebration was a delightful basket of freshly baked bread, Daisy's newfound favorite and much needed bribe to keep her from crawling off to explore the whole yard. Though tired the weekend festivities, she playfully grabbed slice after slice, clearly the bread was a bigger hit than my jokes and funny faces to get her to smile. As the afternoon unfolded, Daisy, with a heartwarming eagerness, showed off her ability to take some wobbly steps - with the help of Olivia or Jessy of course. With every delicate moment captured, the ambiance of the celebration came to life through my camera, showcasing the blend of rustic elegance and the pure, unbridled happiness of a new family reveling in the beauty of a sunny late summer day.

The cutest part of the day was easily a three way tie between her matching jumper and bonnet outfit, her brief story time moment with her Mom and Dad (even Bones the dog too!) and waddling back and forth through the yard holding onto the fingers of the nearest person to her. It was truly a picture perfect afternoon and the end result? - some fantastic memories of spending a day outside in the sun with nothing but smiles, laughter and even more smiles all around!