What is better than this?

Your pregnancy is one of the most beautiful and special times to experience in life. Whether it is the beginning of a new family or welcoming a precious addition it is a beautiful new stage in your life journey. Your maternity session is the perfect time to capture the miracle and beautiful of new life and the love that made it.

True to the brand we offer all maternity sessions happen outdoors in beautiful, peaceful locations in Ottawa, but to truly make the session of your dream you will have access to the client wardrobe of dresses in a range of sizes. The rest you leave to me to capture the beauty of your coming bundle of joy for years to come.


What is your client wardrobe?

I currently have a small collection of maternity dresses for the exclusive use for my clients who book a maternity or new family session. No more worrying about getting a dress you only intend to wear for your maternity session and never again. My current collection includes a size of dress is the S-XL sizes. I usually will bring the size you normally would wear plus the next one up, just in case. If any dress is too big then I have pins on hand!

When in my prenancy should I do a maternity session?

Aorund the 7-8 month mark is my personal recommendation so that we get the full bump but aren't so late that you are uncomfortable with moving around during our session. However if you want to do earlier into your pregnancy we totally can!

Who can I bring to my maternity session?

The focus of the session is definitely the beauty of motherhood but you partner, children or pets are always welcome to join! If you have any pets or children under 5 who will be in the session when it is always best to bring a friend/sibling/granparent to keep an eye on them when we are doing photos just of you or you and your partner.